Sci-fi rendering by Glauber B. Nunes

Glauber Barbarossa Nunes

It's about time! Finally we have a fantastic 3D artist on NFT community news! Today I am happy to introduce you the talented artist Glauber B. Nunes! I can't wait to hear his story and see his fantastic sci-fi works!

Glauber please tell who you are!

Glauber Barbarossa Nunes

My name is Glauber Barbarossa Nunes I am a Brazilian artist, producing art for 22 years. My commercial work experience with art started as a graphic designer for small advertising and visual communication companies. My first experience working on an artistic level was at the UFO Magazine of the ufologist and editor Ademar Ademar José Gevaerd. UFO magazine is the oldest and best-selling magazine on ufological and paranormal subjects in the world, being accepted to participate in the editing of UFO images made me believe more in my work.

The philosophical act of creation has always made me argue its purpose, so I had no great ambitions. you could say I am an art lover, enjoying everything from the outside with a sketch board. Currently I work as a freelance visual artist. 

How did you get involved with NFTs

I met NFTs, through an article on the internet, a light went on and I realized that my works could come out of the sewer of viral internet oblivion. 

How will NFTs affect your future and all of us

Besides being revolutionary it is a world of experimentation and overcoming, it is a world that has brought many anonymous artists like me out of the darkness of devaluation and has given support to artists who follow the demands of the industry, who have their own style. Since then coining a work has gained an existential meaning for me. The whole concept of art has changed and even the way of interacting has changed. We are witnessing a revolution of human creativity, which has emerged at a moment in history that has put civilization to the test of its capacity and is proving to be as effective and creative as ever. A futuristic vision of society that is already happening. 

Sci-fi rendering by Glauber B. Nunes

If you had one wish. Who would you like to collaborate with or who inspires you?

It's hard to have just one wish, there are dozens of them, but if I had the chance to realize it now it would be to work on a project with Peter Gric, Austrian artist. There is a lot of his influence in my work.

What do you create? What makes your work stand out?

 I try to project the dreamlike symbols of my work through sensory perception. As if accidents and possibilities exist in that world in an expanded form. My creation process is just a simple depository of the past, but it is also full of germs of ideas and psychic situations about the future. 

 The intention is for people to decipher the oneiric enigma of the image, like a childish contemplation in looking at a cloud. I like to explore this interaction with people's imagination.

Who do you want to promote?

The work of the artist @gravemind3d caught my attention by his style, the images call attention by the clear and objective expression he expresses. I would love to know more about him.

Where can people find you Glauber?

One last word

I am very grateful to the NFT Community for the opportunity to showcase some of my work, I am immensely grateful for this chance. I am immensely grateful for this chance. I am also grateful for the stream of artists to which I was introduced to present my work in the NFT Community. This way I keep on creating, imagining, sketching my representations while the world turns.