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Artists starting out with NFT have a hard time. Maybe they have an existing audience, maybe not. Being successful without an audience is pure luck. An artist needs visibility to expand their reach and generate consistent sales.
This project is designed to help artists introduce themselves and give potential collectors and art lovers a holistic picture of who you are and why you are special. 

Without "sponsored posts". No fees, no ads. Pure community support.

There is only one condition. You are introduced here? You recommend the next artist you think needs support. That's all!

Modern brand management means: network and rule! 
Oliver Hermes

You have ideas how to improve this project? 
Send me a message on Twitter! I'm always happy about new input and ideas!

Who made this?

Sebastian Berger is an 82 built photographer located in hanover, germany. He is specialized in peoplephotography.
He is a digital native but has an analog heart. He likes cats!

You'll find his works on:

Sebastian Berger