NFT Community News Chapter #1

NFT Community News chapter #1

Weekly NFT Scene News

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What happened this week?

Chinese mining ban and imminent regulation in the USA drags crypto market to unimagined depths.

Opinion: The crypto market is and remains unpredictable. But every dip is also a new opportunity! Stay cool! 

Caxtux is trying to play through NFT.

Vince aka Cactux support to the NFT Artists Community is priceless. The only question is, do other collectors get anything at all? ;o)
And hey! Stop annoying the man! If your work deserves it he’ll find you!

Rumour: Fabio Antenore change to people photography

Normally known for his great landscape work, there is a rumor going around right now that Fabio only wants to photograph people.
Ok, just kidding… Take a look to his awesome works!

RealMissNFT follows me <3

That’s not great news? But it is for me! So much love in this community especially from RealMissNFT!

Falling in love