Photography "Mirror"  by Glalol


When it comes to urban photography, the artist who presents himself here today is an absolute specialist. Reduced desaturated colors and controlled storyelements make his images recognizable at any time. I am honored to introduce Glalol today!

Glalol please tell who you are!


Ciao! My name is Alessandro, aka Glalol, I am 27 years old and I’m from Italy.

I was born in Turin, where I lived up to 4 years ago and then moved to Milan, where my revolution as an urban and street photographer began.

I found myself in an extremely hectic, heterogeneous, full of contrasts city, where architectures of other times and modern skyscrapers coexist harmoniously.

That ignited the spark.

How did you get involved with NFTs

Thanks to a digital artist friend who is now very successful on the scene.
I remember seeing several of his IG stories about NFTs, so one day I asked him what those were, out of curiosity.
He was kind enough to introduce me to this world and gave me an invitation to Foundation. I didn't know how rare they were back in April 2021!

How do you see the future of NFTs?

NFTs have given me the opportunity to transform what was a long time great (yet non-paying) hobby and passion into a possible source of income, hopefully a career.
For the first time I thought I could live off what I love the most, so I am taking care of my path to make sure I succeed. Long road ahead!

More generally, I believe that NFTs will become the new normal, at least in the art world, in conjunction with the traditional tangible part.
They are obviously not perfect, but they break down many barriers offering unprecedented possibilities.

 If you had one wish - who would you want to collaborate with or who inspires you?

This is a difficult one!

Being inspired is a perpetual process, I am inspired by everything, by everyone, at any moment. If I like something, I ask myself why I like it so I can try to recreate the feel in my work. As for the collaborations, I got to come into contact with a lot of incredible artists. I’d like to name a few:

Vieri Bottazzini, Marco Zagara, Arro.

Each of them creates something quite different from what I do and that's what attracts me.

I like to imagine what would be created from the intersection of our identities.

Photography by Glalol

What do you create? What makes your work stand out?

I love to photograph indistinguishable and lone subjects in elegant and normally crowded places. I look for gorgeous architectures and wide urban spaces.
When I find a suitable frame I wait for that brief moment when the scene empties out and an interesting lone subject passes by.
This creates a surreal and metaphysical feeling to me.
Solitude has always been the theme on which I built my identity by projecting my introversion into photography. Identity which I care a lot and worked hard for. The colors of my pictures are usually very muted and neutral. The lines are very straight, the compositon static, firm and rigid.
My main lens is an ultra wide angle: if necessary, I want to capture as much of the scene as possibile so to give the sense of scale using the human element.
My post production is very basic, but I have to say I like to clean out a lot in Photoshop removing the distracting elements. I do not add anything that isn’t already there though.

Who do you want to promote?

There are a lot of great artists out there and Mihai’s Land & Cityscapes - is surely one of them.

Even though I’m no collector, I ended up liking his works so much I had to collect a piece.

Where can people find you Allessandro?

One last word

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and stressed by the NFTs space, it runs at crazy speed. However, if you have something to offer, don't miss out on this great opportunity. Just remember to take one step at a time, at your own pace.